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Debt Counseling Agencies
These questions will help you to review a debt counseling or debt management agency, the services they offer, and the terms of the agreement to which you're entering. Be sure to consider several companies before choosing to do business with any organization. Read more

Private Student Loans
There are many types of college / student loans. Learn about private education loans so that you can find the right college loan to help pay for your education. Read more

Auto Refinance
Are you tired of paying a high interest rate on your auto loan? Consider refinancing your car. Read more

Mortgage Calculator
Welcome to our mortgage calculator : Estimate your monthly home loan payment. Read more

Your Debt Options
If you are facing large debts and financial difficulty, there are a number of options and resources available to help you. Read more

Debt Warning Signs
Many times we don't see the signs of a financial trouble until it's too late. But a debt crisis doesn't occur overnight. There are many warning signs that may indicate that your debt situation may be getting out of control. Following are a list important warning signs: Read more

Interest Only Mortgages
Interest only mortgages can save you money, but you better know both sides! Read more

30 Yr Fixed Mtg 5.45%
Home Eq $30K 6.45%
48 Mo New Car 5.86%
1 Yr CD 2.30%

# 203(k)
B Building loan
C Cost of funds index ...
D Due-on-sale clause
E Earnest money
F Federal Direct Unsub...
G Gray market
H Housing counseling a...
I Interest rate floor
J Jumbo loan, or Non-c...
K Kelley Blue Book
L Loan Tenure
M Minor
N Net Effective Income
O Origination fee
P Principal
R Restructure
S Subsequent Draw Fee
T Transfer of ownershi...
U Unsecured loan
V Vehicle equity
W Warranty
X X-mark Signature
Y Yield Maintenance
Z Z bond

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