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What's a Mortgage
Not all home mortgages are alike. Make sure you obtain the best home loan for your situation. Read more

Payday Loan Disadvantages
Personal loans, cash advances, and payday loans are all quick cash when you're in a bind, but buyer beware! Read more

Lease vs. Purchase
Leasing an automobile : Some items to consider before you make the decision. Read more

Auto Refinance
Are you tired of paying a high interest rate on your auto loan? Consider refinancing your car. Read more

Credit Repair Agencies
These questions will help you to review a credit repair service or agency, the services they offer, and the terms of the agreement to which you're entering. Be sure to consider several companies before choosing to do business with any organization. Read more

Closing Costs / Fees
Mortgage closing costs and fees include appraisal, funding / origination fees, title company fees, title insurance, and others. Read more

Motorcycle Loans
So you've found a new or used motorcycle and need to find financing. Here is some general info on motorcycle loans. Read more

30 Yr Fixed Mtg 5.45%
Home Eq $30K 6.45%
48 Mo New Car 5.86%
1 Yr CD 2.30%

# 203(b)
A Amortization term
B Broker
C Community property
D Department of Vetera...
E Equity
F Firm Commitment
G Ginnie Mae
H Homeowner`s insuranc...
I Interest rate buydow...
J Jumbo loan, or Non-c...
K Kelley Blue Book
L Loan origination fee
M Mortgage insurance p...
N Net worth
O Octroi
P Premises
R Roll Over
S Simple Interest
T Title insurance
U User
V VA (Department of Ve...
W Wraparound loan or W...
X X-mark Signature
Y Yield Curve
Z Zero Lot Line

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