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Motorcycle Loans
So you've found a new or used motorcycle and need to find financing. Here is some general info on motorcycle loans. Read more

Debt Prevention
The best way to deal with debt and other financial problems is to avoid them. Develop positive financial habits and build a good personal credit history by following a few simple rules. Read more

Credit Score Impact
The scary truth about how your credit score affects your car loan. Make sure you keep your credit clean. Read more

Cash Back or 0%
Most car dealers offer some type of cash back incentive for paying cash or they offer a 0% loan. Better run the numbers! Read more

Mortgage Calculator
Welcome to our mortgage calculator : Estimate your monthly home loan payment. Read more

Adjustable Rate Mortgages
An adjustable rate mortgage is just as the name suggests. The rate on the mortgage is adjustable and will change periodically based on some indicator. Read more

Payday Loan Disadvantages
Personal loans, cash advances, and payday loans are all quick cash when you're in a bind, but buyer beware! Read more

30 Yr Fixed Mtg 5.45%
Home Eq $30K 6.45%
48 Mo New Car 5.86%
1 Yr CD 2.30%

# 203(b)
A Amortize
B Beneficiary
C Commercial Finance
D Due-on-sale clause
E Equity
F Federal Home Loan Ba...
G General Recourse
H Housing ratio, or De...
I Insured mortgage
J Jumbo loan, or Non-c...
K Kelley Blue Book
L Lemon Law
M Mortgage holders cla...
N No cash-out refinanc...
O Owner financing
P Pre-Approval
R Renegotiable Rate Mo...
S Servicing
T Term
U Unsecured claim
V Vested
W Warehouse Lender
X X-mark Signature
Y Yield to Maturity
Z Z bond

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