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Credit Score Impact
The scary truth about how your credit score affects your car loan. Make sure you keep your credit clean. Read more

Interest Only Mortgages
Interest only mortgages can save you money, but you better know both sides! Read more

Cash Back or 0%
Most car dealers offer some type of cash back incentive for paying cash or they offer a 0% loan. Better run the numbers! Read more

Parent Loans
Parents can also take out education loans to help pay for their child's education. Also called PLUS loans. Read more

VA Loans Explained
VA Loan : A government-backed mortgage loan supported by the US Veterans Administration. Read more

Payday Loans Explained
Personal loan and cash advance loan ads are on the radio, television, the internet, even in the mail. Read more

Debt Counseling Agencies
These questions will help you to review a debt counseling or debt management agency, the services they offer, and the terms of the agreement to which you're entering. Be sure to consider several companies before choosing to do business with any organization. Read more

30 Yr Fixed Mtg 5.45%
Home Eq $30K 6.45%
48 Mo New Car 5.86%
1 Yr CD 2.30%

# 203(k)
A Accrued interest
B Balloon mortgage
C Closing costs
D Deed-in-lieu
E Energy Efficient Mor...
F Fully indexed note r...
G Guarantee mortgage, ...
H Home Equity Conversi...
I Insured mortgage
J Judgment
K Kelley Blue Book
L Loan origination
M Maturity
N Non-franchised deale...
O Offer
P Pledged account Mort...
R Repayment plan
S Simple Interest
T Title
U User
V VA guarantee
W WSJ Prime Rate
X X12 Data Standards
Y Yield Maintenance
Z Z bond

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